Escaping the Dark Hole

of Addiction

Listen to the Pod Cast from Bryce Bauer: Raising the Bottom, Family Recovery

This episode is about a mother and son's journey through addiction. We talk about what addiction did to them and how they managed to rise about it. Their new book, Beyond Rock Bottom, is now on Amazon and gives a detailed account of their inspiring stories. They are great examples of what Recovery can look like for a family.


Recent Book Review

Beyond Rock Bottom will give hope to addicts and their families. Grayson’s addiction ran very deep and it is amazing that he was able to survive the amount of substances he was putting into his body. Amazing and fortunate, because by being able to share his story, others will be inspired to heal. As well, Patty’s words will help parents realize that they are not alone in their experience or suffering. Both Grayson and Patty show that recovery can happen, and with proper interventions, a family can become whole.

Beyond Rock Bottom by Patty Smith and Grayson Smith is highly recommended reading for people who deal with addiction, either personally or professionally.